Check (State Bank of India) SBI Mini Statement Through SMS

Customers can get a mini statement on their banking transactions when they got to an ATM and select this option. A mini statement gives the recent most transactions made on the SBI account. You can also activate this service on your mobile phone to get a mini statement in your SMS so that you don’t have to go to the ATM every time you need a mini statement. You have to activate this service to get an SMS on your mobile anytime you want to access the mini statement.

Steps to get SBI Mini Statement on Mobile through SMS

  • From the mobile number that is registered with the bank, send an SMS with the letters ‘REG with some space and then ‘your account number’ and send it to ‘0922348888.’
  • This is the first step to Register mobile number to check SBI Balance Enquiry for receiving information about SBI banking service that you need on your mobile.
  • All kinds of information with regard to the SBI banking will be received through SMS, such as, the savings account information, information about demand draft, credit accounts, demand drafts, cash accounts, and any information related to the SBI banking for your SBI account.
  • SBI bank provides mobile banking and SMS service where you can receive the mini statement once the phone is activated.
  • After your mobile is registered with the bank, you can get a mini statement on your mobile phone when you SMS ‘MSTMT’ to ‘09223766666.’
  • You can also call on this number and follow the IVR to get a mini statement.
  • You can also go to the ATM to generate mini statement of your SBI account.
  • The last few recent transactions are displayed on the mini statement.
  • Mini statement also shows your account balance.

check sbi mini statement

More details about the mini statement

You can view the dates and time of transactions that have been made on your SBI account when you receive the mini statement on your phone or through the ATM. This can give you an idea if the transactions made are authentic or fraudulent. This instant service is for the convenience of the customers who have an account with the SBI bank. If you have transferred your account from one city to another or from another bank to SBI, you can utilize this service to get the mini statement. In any case you must first register your mobile with the SBI banking service to receive any type of banking information related to your account.

Mini statement for different types of account

Whether you have taken a loan, or have any type of account with the SBI bank, you can get a mini statement on your mobile phone that is related to the banking account that you have with SBI. It is one of the most convenient ways to know all about your account instantly. This saves your time to go to the ATM or the branch to get information about your banking account. For those who are not yet registered with net banking with SBI this is an easy option to register with the bank to get information about your account.

Updated: October 16, 2017 — 3:51 pm

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