How to Create SBI Virtual Credit Card (VCC)

The State Bank of India provides SBI Virtual Credit Card (VCC) to their Online SBI Net Banking Users that would be very helpful to use for online purchase.

State bank of India is one of the leading banks in India that was established in the year of 1955. The State Bank of India was the public ownership and it has more than twenty thousand branches in India. The bank offers the wide range of the services such as online banking, mobile banking, SMS banking and others. By using the internet banking, you can easily check the account balance, money transfer, mini statement and others. The bank offers huge types of the loan and credit card facilities to their valuable customers such as home loan, business loan, education loan, medical loan and others. The types of credit card are a gold credit card, business credit card, silver credit card, platinum credit card, virtual credit card and others.

Complete Methods to Create SBI Virtual Credit Card (VCC) Online

sbi virtual card

The SBI Virtual card is one of the best online payment solutions and it is the limit credit card specially created for the online shopping transactions. This type of the credit card provides is very easy to use and also a secure way of the online transaction without offering the account information to the dealer. This type of the credit card is a one-time usable card that loaded with the preloaded amount. It is valid for the particular time period and it is created only for the online transaction.  In the official website of the bank, you can create sbi virtual credit card by entering the required details such as name, account number and others. The virtual credit card is only used for the online payment and it cannot use the ATM machine for the cash withdrawal.

How to create SBI Virtual Credit card online

The SBI Virtual Card is used at the different merchant location accepting by the Visa Cards online, without the difference from the regular credit card.  The details of SBI virtual credit card are CVV number, credit card number, card expiry date, and others. Here you can see the procedure to create the virtual credit card.

  1. Step 1: First, visit the SBI online banking and then click on the personal banking login. 
  2. Step 2: Enter your username and password and then click on the e-card tab.
  3. Step 3: Select the account number and then fill the card amount for that the user needs the SBI virtual card. Then accept the Terms and Conditions and select the submit button.       
  4. Step 4: It will show the virtual card details such as card holder name, credit account number, card account, card limit and others.
  5. Step 5: Bank will send the security password on the registered mobile number and then enter on confirm.

The SBI virtual credit card will be generated and it contains the details such as card holder name, expiry date, card number, card limit and others that the virtual you may note down. Then it is ready for the e-commerce transactions.

Features of Virtual Cards

  • The virtual credit card is more secure for the online payment when compared to the normal credit card.
  • This kind of the credit card cannot share your primary card information to the online merchant.
  • The card creation is authorized after the validation of OTP sent to the customer mobile number at the time of card creation.
  • If the user made payment through the virtual credit card then they can get sbi virtual card refund back that refund automatically credited to the main card.
  • This type of the credit card can be generated for any amount from a hundred to five hundred. The customer need not pay the extra amount to create the SBI virtual credit card to the bank.

Benefits of using virtual card

One of the main benefits of using the online sbi virtual credit card is more secure in the online payment. This type of the credit card reduces the risk of the account information, entire credit limit, and others are communicated to the other person. The SBI credit card is valid for two days or otherwise, it is valid till your fund transaction is complete. The virtual credit card amount is only used for the actual purchase. You can use this card at the different online store in India which accepts the MasterCard credit card as the payment options.

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