How to Register Mobile Number in SBI To Check Balance

State bank of India provides different kinds of services to its customers. The customer maintains a good relationship with the bank. If you easily get the balance enquiry, you must make sbi mobile number registration through the nearest state bank of India branch. If you utilize this service, you have to learn how to register mobile number in sbi. You can get any information in the registered mobile numbers and it is the most useful one for you. You can send a message to the bank and get the confirmation message.

In order to get these kinds of services, you can attach sbi mobile number registration for balance enquiry. You can avail of more offers and easily get the balance enquiry within a minute. You can contact the branch manager for the sbi mobile registration form. You can get the form and fill the relevant ask in the form. It is the easiest means of accessing the bank services through the mobile. You must provide the correct details and phone number in the form.

Here are some of the benefits of sbi mobile registration for alerts:

  • You can check the balance in the form of sending missed call and messages to the bank. They will immediately respond to services.
  • You can easily access the mini statement for the last five transactions. In this way, you can send the missed call or message from the registered mobile number to the bank.
  • You can also visit the nearest bank branch and ask how to register mobile number in sbi internet banking site.
  • They provide some tips to register the mobile number through the official site of the bank and other forms.
  • You can block the ATM service and other with the registered mobile. This is not only used for the balance enquiry and also used for different services.
  • You can use the instant message services through the register mobile number. You can send a message for this service to the bank.
  • You can get more advantage for sbi online balance enquiry that saves the time.
  • So you can maintain the separate process for the sbi balance enquiry and get other details from the bank.

Procedure for the mobile number registration:

It requires simple process and only takes few minutes to complete the mobile number registration in your account. You can make any transaction through mobile from your bank account if the mobile number is registered. This one saves your time and reduces the stress as well. You can utilize any kind of service from the mobile phones. In order to register the mobile number, you can follow the below steps for registering the mobile number quickly in a simple approach.

  • You can send the message to the bank with the correct number provided by the SBI. Then, you can get the user id and default MPIN.
  • The account holder can download the application form for the mobile number registration along with these details.
  • You can download the state bank freedom application from the particular link only and install it on our mobile phone.
  • After that, you can download the application with this app and receive the user id and MPIN and make sbi mobile number registration online for otp.
  • Also, the account holder can change the default MPIN that get using the application or by messages.

Steps for the registration process:

  1. The very first, you can visit the nearest bank of SBI and ask the application and fill it with the correct details.
  2. If you need immediate activation for the mobile number in your bank account, you can use sbi mobile registration through sms.
  3. Otherwise, you can use the internet banking service to register the mobile numbers for the mobile banking services.
  4. You can select the e-service and complete the registration steps quickly.
  5. The sbi mobile registration through atm is another way to activate the mobile number.
  6. The account holder in this bank can select the registration option given in the list and then go the mobile banking registration.
  7. You just enter ten digit mobile number and complete the registration.
Updated: September 13, 2017 — 1:06 pm

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