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SBI Complaint Status track via website. The State Bank of India provides sbi online complaint facility to its user. SBI is a nationalised bank that believes in building trust with its customers. They address every grievance and provide details of the status of the complaint made to the SBI about any of the banking services. SBI deals with business that is worth of billions of rupees.

They take the responsibility to provide the best service and satisfy their customers at the highest levels. SBI bank has launched a system where customers can complain about any of the services. The customers can track the status of the complaints made in these steps.

List of complaints addressed by SBI

  • Customers can raise a complaint about their ATM transactions.
  • Any issues related to the internet banking is also addressed by SBI.
  • If any of the branch defaults your banking service, customers can raise a complaint.
  • If you feel that a particular employee is not providing you with relevant information, you can raise a complaint.
  • Any problems that arise when dealing with the branch can be resolved by SBI after you raise a complaint.
  • On the SBI web page, go to the section that says,’complaints’ which opens the complaint form.
  • Fill up the form and click submit button.
  • You are also required to fill the CAPTCHA and get a ticket number for your complaint.

Anytime you want to know the status of your complaint, you must enter the ticket number and image provided and click submit.

Steps to Track SBI Complaint Status

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. Now enter complaint ticket number in the provided field.
  3. After that enter captcha code in the field.
  4. Click to “Submit”.
  5. You will get your SBI Complaint Status.

sbi complaint status

Transaction errors and other complaints

Many a times you might not remember any transaction made or if your card is misused. Make sure that you read your bank statements regularly so you know none of your banking services are being misused. You can contact the bank and let them know of any of the net banking related issues and find an online resolution. Most of the net banking issues are resolved online and the customer is duly notified.

Complaints related to banking services

Customers can fill up the online complaint form by choosing the category of complaint and proceed to explain the issues they are facing through the complaint form. Whether it is a loan related complaint or an issue related to deposits, schemes, NRI services, or remittances, you can mention the category and explain the problem you are facing with regard to that particular service. You can also fill up the complaint form about the charges levied to you on your SBI bank account. Cash related charges, or passbook, cheque, or any account related complaints can be made through the online form provided by the SBI bank.

Complaints can be raised by prepaid card holders

Customers who have the SBI prepaid cards and are non-customers, can still raise complaints disputing transactions. While withdrawing money from the ATM, if lesser amount is dispensed for the amount recorded, customers can raise a complaint for such a transaction.  Customers who want to block their cards can also use this service to raise a complaint. If you are not able to make a transaction because you are unable to receive the OTP transaction password, you can immediately raise a complaint with the help of this online complaint form.

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